Credit counseling and debt consolidation for your credit card debt consolidation combined with a change in spending habits can help you survive in today’s crashing economy and prepare you for a healthy retirement in the future.

Credit card debt and unemployment are at record high national levels. While the government pits Democrats against Republicans to resolve national debt and consumer debt, you can take control of your personal debt and finances and develop a budget and personal finance plan to help you get out of debt now, and start saving for the future. Credit counseling can help you with debt consolidation company and credit card debt faster than the House and the Senate can come to an agreement.

California Credit counseling is available to guide you in formulating your own personal debt relief and savings plan. The economy isn’t going to change overnight, and the faster you consolidate your debt and begin your new savings plan, the better off you’ll be in the future. Credit counseling is a support system that can expedite your debt consolidation plan. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling reports that credit counseling can help 90% of the people seeking assistance with their credit card debt. It is common for the 10% that are unsuccessful in managing credit card debt to have deeper problems, such as a gambling addiction. In those instances, the addiction must be dealt with first before credit counseling can help.

A good indicator that credit counseling and debt consolidation can give you budgetary relief on your credit card debt is to examine your debt to income ratio. Total your monthly income, then divide it by your total debt. If it’s 20% or higher, credit counseling and debt consolidation can give you relief on your credit card debt. You won’t be instantaneously debt-free overnight, but you’ll be in a financially stable position far sooner than if you wait for the domino effect needed from a government bailout. The sooner you can start living within your means, the sooner you can start saving – which means more money for you when retirement or disability comes around.

The state of our economy didn’t happen overnight, and it won’t be cured overnight. Just as overeating leads to unhealthy weight gain, overspending leads to overweight debt. At some point it accumulated too much to be worked off easily. A plan of attack, or a strict diet, has to be made and followed to achieve healthy results.

The nation’s economic fall-down has its beginnings around a decade ago, when real-estate was determined to be a good investment, even though the real-estate market was still silently suffering from 1990 setbacks. Real estate became cheap, and Wall Street made it easy for people to buy homes. High demand for mortgages stirred up heavy competition, and the “subprime” market was invented to reel in new buyers with high interest rates. Economists and financial advisors have theories galore on what followed, but economists agree that consumer overspending and terrorist attacks were seismic shockwaves on the economy. The market trembled, and crashed. Today is the day to start rebuilding, and it can start with credit counseling and debt consolidation to resolve seemingly hopeless credit card debt.

Credit card counseling and debt consolidation for credit card debt is the first step to bail yourself out of debt and into savings. Get started on rebuilding your future. Get credit card counseling and consolidate your credit card debt. Design your own budget for the future – don’t wait for the politicians. Your future savings can start with your own debt recovery plan today.