Article Marketing: How to get it Read

Writing articles is one of the best and most popular ways to promote your web site. Not only that it’s easy but also free. You may have written an article but you wonder why it isn’t being published or passed around. Probably no one’s reading it. What you have to do is encourage people to read it before you encourage them to pass it around.

An article is meant to be read, with people not reading, it basically means no one will pass it around or publish it. If you started to write an article you want it to be read, there is no point if you write an article only to be rejected or not read. There may be many articles that is the same about your topic, you should let it stand out. How would you do this?

Some web articles are read but, regrettably, most are not. This is because you are not being creative enough to explore the world of article writing. Bring your article to life. To improve your article, here are some ways to make people actually read your article.

• It is important that you should write about something you are interested in and write them in a different way. Chances are, there are many articles that discuss your topic in the internet. You might have seen articles pointing out the same thing and you might have actually researched on some of them. Knowing the subject helps you, if you do; try to approach it in a different way. Add a little humor or ask some obvious question about the topic that many people would want to ask but most articles do not include them, and of course, answer it. Asking questions makes the article easier to write because you have a specific goal. Questions also make an article more interesting to read.

• Your headline should be catchy. A catchy headline is one of the most important features of an article. When your article is included on the list of an article publishing website, it will usually display your headline with a little introduction underneath it. A good headline should catch the attention of people browsing the article publishing website. Some people also searches for an article on a search engine, so it is important that your headline should contain some popular keywords relating to your topic as well. Remember that some people judge an article by just reading a headline. No matter how informative and fun to read your article is, if the headline does not catch people’s attention, they will not read it.
Article Marketing: How to get it Read
• A good introduction should also be considered. Since it is where people begin reading your article, it should also be catchy. Try considering asking a burning question for an introduction. This would certainly catch people’s attention. Asking question can also make it easier for you to make an article. It usually develops from one question to another.

• Ease of reading. Keep it simple and to the point, try using short paragraphs. A single sentence for a paragraph works great, even a single word. People usually do not want to read articles that have long paragraphs. Keep in mind that the more white spaces people see the more comfortable an article is. It is also a good idea to use bullets to point out your explanations. Also, try to not include technical terms. Many people may be interested by what your topic is but that does not necessarily mean that they know about the technical side of your article. For example if you’re writing about guns, do not include a lot of numbers in it such as: “This particular gun is effective if you use .50-70 straight case shell with 85 XYZ cubed to 400 PF and MV 40,000 FPS then 52 IRA’s or 57 BBD’s” and so on. Who would want to read that if all they want to know is what bullet to put in? Probably someone who is as technical as the writer is, but not all of people have technical know-how about a topic, they just want to know what it’s all about

• Make your reader believe that you know what you’re talking about, but don’t forget to make it a bit humorous.

• Do not make a sales pitch. Remember that articles are for information not for selling. It is to make readers know what the product is all about. If you make a sales pitch, you’ll be like an annoying salesman on their front door.

• And lastly, never forget to include your name, business name, and website URL in your resource box. This is the most common mistake article writers do.

Article Marketing: How to get it Read